About the director

About the director

Alina Solodovnikova- Adams

I started violin lessons at the age of six with my first teacher Yefim Shestun, who played a major role in choosing my profession later in life. After completing music school and Leontovich Music College, I continued my education at the Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University. I graduated from all the schools with Honors, and in 1995 got my Masters degree in teaching music, (violin, voice, piano), Performing Arts and Choral Conducting. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been trained under the well-known European masters: cellist and conductor Roman Semko, violinist and bowed strings instruments maker Alexander Sergienko and choirmaster Vitaly Gazinsky.
After extensive training I went to work for the Ukrainian State Philharmony, traveling all over the former Soviet Union, performing in many venues as a member of a chamber orchestra, folk music group and a solo performer. I continued performing and teaching private students, and also enjoyed my work as a model in many fashion shows for 12 years prior to coming to America.
I served as an assistant concertmaster in the Solano Symphony from 2002 till 2014, and now I am proud to be an assistant concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra of Northern California. I teach students of all ages at my private studio in Vacaville.

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I offer lessons in:

Classical Violin

You discover your potential of producing a good, controlled solid sound of the violin and will present in a very understandable way so that you will enjoy learning.

Vocal Coaching

I will teach you the safe and effective singing techniques and the musical skills you need to excel at any style of music that you wish.

Classical Piano

One-on-one instruction provides the most attentive learning experience and are tailored to each student’s individual needs and skill level.

Basic Music Theory

The main purpose of the course, is to explore basic music theory so thoroughly that the student will then be able to easily pick up whatever further theory is wanted.

What is our mission?

As the future unfolds Alina's Music Studio looks to expand and grow more giving the chance for all those wishing to discover the magic that is music, be it playing an instrument, performing, understanding its roots or just enjoying.


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12 Jun 2014

Alina’s Music Studio

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30 Apr 2017

Go Big or Go Home

Coming in June, Alina’s Music Studio, in collaboration with DioAmore Dance and Fitness Studio and Aplomb Ballet, present...

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Music students support teacher’s vision

Amy Rich honed her violin skills in a bedroom converted into a music studio inside Alina Adams’ Vacaville home...

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Alina's Music Studio

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Note from the director:

Dear music lovers and potential students!
I would like to share a few thoughts. Lately I have been getting a new wave of inquiries about music lessons. Most of the questions I receive deal with the cost of lessons. I believe a more important question is, "What type of teacher/pedagogue do you want to study with?" Ask any potential teacher about his or her degree, knowledge, field of expertise and experience!
Why would you trust someone who, sometime and somewhere took some music lessons, with the instrumental or vocal studies of you or your children? If you want an electrician to work in your house, you want the best, most knowledgeable electrician you can find. If your neighbor only charges $10 per music lesson, it may mean that person simply hasn't put the proper years of practice and performing into his or her craft. The person may have the best intentions, but may have no post-graduate or even college level of pedagogical and psychological education. They may never have received training in HOW to teach. And some of them may still charge their students like professionals.
Don’t assume all music teachers are trained properly. ASK! You deserve the best!

Yours truly, Mrs. Alina Adams

Monthly tuition

Four 30min lessons taught once a week $140

Four 45 lessons taught once a week $205

Four 1h lessons taught once a week $260


16 Aug 2017

Alina's Music Studio: choose the best! As the future unfolds Alina's Music Studio looks to expand and grow more giving the chance for all those wishing to discover the magic that is music, be it playing an instrument, performing, understanding its roots.

More videos available at www.youtube.com/alinasmusicstudio
15 Aug 2017

All of Me...with much love to all of you. Have a Blessed Sunday! With Alina Adams , Oscar Villegas, Chriss Villegas-Bautista. Enjoy wonderful Marielle Bautista ' performance. Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre.

More videos available at www.youtube.com/alinasmusicstudio
7 Sep 2017

Another treat from our Studio Jedi to all the Star Wars fans! With Alina Adams, Caiden O'Connor, Lany De La Campa, Joannalyn Tiglao Agbayani, Andrea Johnson, Margene Rich, Amy Rich, Randall Rich, Charrie Negre and more!

More videos available at www.youtube.com/alinasmusicstudio